Best Luxury Safaris approves of the following sites and tour operators.

Best Luxury Safaris ApprovedTo get on this elite list, a company must offer an extreme level of luxury and service. 

We carefully inspect lodges, tented camps, vehicles, planes, and other safari facilities to see if they meet our high standards. We also consider online reviews before placing a company on this list.

Moreover, just like UNESCO can remove a site from its World Heritage List, we also periodically review the sites below to make sure they still deserve to be on the list.

In short, when you come to a website that has the Best Luxury Safaris Approved badge (see image on this page), then you know you've found a high-quality company.

If you would like to nominate a company to be on this list, please contact us.

The order in which the companies appear does not reflect our order of preference.


Bushtop Camps

Spirit of the Masai Mara


&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge


Mukumbi Lodge