Best Luxury Safaris is passionate about wildlife conservation. We are fighting hard to not just preserve the existing habitat for African wildlife, but to increase it. Hunting seems like a contradiction to these goals, but it’s not. 

1. Nature prunes wildlife.

Wildebeests and antelopes, for example, always reproduce more than the environment can sustain. For example, 65% of the wildebeests that are born are female, which testifies to nature’s effort to spread to the maximum extent that the ecosystem allows. Some die from predators (crocodiles and lions), but others die of starvation. A hunter contributes to this pruning process.

2. Nothing is wasted.

Some imagine that a hunter shoots a lion and then walk away. On the contrary. Every piece of the animal is used. The meat is either refrigerated and sent away for consumption or donated to the local tribes. The hide is preserved. The trophy head is, of course, treasured.

3. Hunters (especially luxury hunters) contribute thousands of dollars to the game reserves, the government, and the local community.

This gives the community a massive incentive to not only protect the animals but to increase the size of the game parks. 

The problem isn’t hunters; the problem is when societies under charge hunters and undervalue their precious wildlife. We at Best Luxury Safaris are committed to charging a rate that promotes not just sustainability, but that also promotes the expansion of African wilderness. We are using the funds to buy more land, protect the existing habitat, and fund anti-poaching forces. Poachers are the archenemy of the ethical hunter.

Hunters and animal lovers want the same thing: they want to multiply the number of majestic animals in Africa. Luxury hunting is an effective means of accomplishing that; cheap (and certainly illegal) hunting is not. It may seem like a paradox, but the luxury hunter contributes more to multiplying the wildlife than a budget safari tourist.

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Lion with an unhealthy eye

All-Inclusive Hunting Safari Packages

Most hunters don’t mind getting down and dirty during the hunt, but we will take special care of you at all moments before, during, and after your hunting safari.

Here are the following all-inclusive luxury hunting safari options that we offer. We can customize your trip, of course:


10-day ANTELOPE luxury hunting safari

Antelopes include kudu, Sebo, and roan antelopes

1 hunter $30,000

2 hunters for one antelope is $20,000 per hunter


10-day BUFFALO luxury hunting safari

1 hunter $40,000

2 hunters for one Buffalo is $30,000 per hunter


16-day BUFFALO luxury hunting safari

1 hunter $85,000

2 hunters for one Buffalo is $50,000 per hunter

2 hunters for two Buffaloes $60,000 per hunter


21-day ELEPHANT luxury hunting safari

1 hunter $100,000

2 hunters for one elephant is $80,000 per hunter


21-day LEOPARD luxury hunting safari

1 hunter $100,000

2 hunters for one leopard is $80,000 per hunter


21-day LION or LEOPARD luxury hunting safari

One hunter can kill either a lion or a leopard (but not both) is $150,000

Two hunters can kill either a lion or a leopard (but not both) is $100,000 per hunter

One hunter can kill a lion; another hunter can kill a leopard is $120,000 per hunter


A hunter and an observer
Photo by Rhett Noonan

Observer fees: $500 per day, per observer


Hunting rules

  • No more than two hunters per professional hunter
  • Your group may not exceed four clients (and two professional hunters) 

What is included

  • Trophy Fees (embalming, taxidermy, and shipping)
  • Airplane flights from your home to the airport that near our hunting block and back
  • Ground transportation in a luxury safari vehicle
  • Hunting license
  • Wildlife Concession Fee
  • Firearms Import Permit
  • Professional hunter, tracker, skinner, and driver
  • Luxury mobile tented camps
  • Luxury all-you-can-eat food
  • All-you-can-drink beverages (including alcohol after the hunt after the guns are put away)
  • Laundry
  • Concierge, cook, and staff at your service
  • First aid kit
  • Skinning and preserving the trophies in the field
  • Trophy storage in climate controlled room

What is NOT included

  • Ammunition and its associated tax